Born in 1992, Mathilde Lestiboudois graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris where she attended Jean-Michel Alberola’s workshop. She also studied at the Universitäte der Kunst in Berlin in 2016, and was an artist-in-residence at Casa of Velasquez in Madrid in 2021-2022.

First of all a painter, Mathilde Lestiboudois depicts empty interior spaces where architectural fragments (staircases, basins, arches, colones) and movable objects (chairs, armchairs, sheets) intermingle with blue and green geometric backgrounds. The ever-frontal compositions evoke non-places, spaces halfway between dream and reality, floating and uncertain, a precarious atmosphere torn between « something soothing or on the contrary very distressing », according to the artist. Although formally absent from her compositions, the human face is however suggested by the sheets that come to inhabitThe stages, bringing a theatrical dimension and a tension on the last or future action.

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