Ampoule septembre

Ampoule septembre

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Ampoule septembre, 2023

Huile sur toile

24 x 19 cm


"The exactness of the volumes, the precision of the perspective and the chromatic tranquillity give the impression that time has stopped, that reality has been frozen by the painter's vision. Through this static figurative order, we seek to penetrate the intimacy of things that are offered up in everyday life and yet never let themselves be conquered. This poetry of ordinary objects is the promise of a timeless painting in which meditation is the main component. We are no longer trapped in the cruelty of the contemporary world, and can revel in the absence of human beings. Make way for dreams, lose ourselves in the painting, and follow it with confidence, as if following an erratic compass that leads us to a hidden treasure."

Marie Perennès, Curator at the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, on Mathilde Lestiboudois' painting. March 2022

About the Collection d'Ampoules series:

Collection d'ampoules is an ongoing series, started in 2019. This series follows a very specific protocol: the dimensions are identical for each canvas, and the subject, the light bulb, must be centered, depicted without decoration and in an ordinary shape. A new canvas is started at the beginning of each month. That way, the meticulous, time-bound research protocol pushes the artist's interest with the subject to the point of obsession. The collection becomes more like a laboratory study. The light bulb is meticulously observed and represented according to set rules. Nevertheless, each bulb remains singular, endowed with a unique atmosphere and marked by the passage of time. Through its conceptual approach, this series questions the medium of painting and its temporal dimension.

Type of work
24 x 19 cm

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