The exhibition "Paradis artificiels" (artificial paradises) puts in dialogue, in a new way, the paintings of Mathilde Lestiboudois and the drawings and sculptures of Ellande Jaureguiberry, inviting us to plunge into phantasmagorical spaces, favorable to the deployment of conflicting feelings. We are invited to metaphorically cross uncertain zones, oscillating between the theater stage and the votive altar, between the built and its ornament. Of the same delicacy in the gesture that shaped them; of an identical will of precision while granting an importance to the qualities of the material; the works of these two artists activate a dance of the glance, sometimes caught by the effects of depth and the details, sometimes sliding on the smooth or powdery surfaces covering the support. They lodge us in a discomfort, a productive doubt by which the imaginary as well as the memory are awakened. Thereby, the familiar ricochets on the unknown, the real intertwines with the fiction.

Excerpt from Thomas Fort's text, art historian


Début : jeudi 11 mai 2023 00:00

Fin: samedi 17 juin 2023 00:00

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