Special Offer - Drawings : Philippe Cognée, Martial Raysse, Adel Abdessemed, 2015

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Each week we propose a special offer to highlight our books collection by giving you a book for free.
Below, find a "cart" composed of three books about drawing practice of three important artists: Philippe Cognée, Martial Raysse and Adel Abdessemed

1/ Philippe Cognée, Œuvres sur papier, 2015
192 p.
22 x 27,5 cm
Language: French
Text (interview) : Henry-Claude Cousseau, Guy Tosatto, Olivier Weil
This book is a crossing through little used ways and for the most of them not known from Philippe Cognée's work on paper from the early 1980s to today. This publication is the first presentation of this part of artist's practice. 
Price : 32 €

2/ Martial Raysse, Dessins / Drawings, 2015
144 p.
19,5 x 24,5 cm
Language: french / english
Text: Juliette Berton
The publication contains over a hundred of his works, which show his drawing practice, which is much more than a simple step.
Price : 29 €

3/ Adel Abdessemed, Dessins, 2015
Text: Correspondance between Jean-Jacques Aillagon and Adel Abdessemed
This publication shows a selection of sketches from a notebook of the artist, indeed the sculptor find and defines his projects throught the drawing practice. Sketches first and most elaborated drawings  are not a low part of the Adel Abdessemed's work.
Price : it's a gift !

We are pleased to present you this three publications in a vidéo here

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