Born in 1992, Juliette Minchin graduated from the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in scenography and from the Beaux-Arts de Paris. 

Working with materials such as wood, ceramics, wax and metal in a process similar to performance, the artist plays with concepts such as disappearance and metamorphosis. La Veillée au candélou (2019), presented in the Beaux-Arts de Paris, is one of her most memorable pieces: incandescent sculpture made of flesh-coloured melting wax draped over a metal skeleton with talismanic patterns, this artwork beckons us to a real wake, as the French title suggests it. The artwork entitled Re-fonte (2021) presented during the FIAC Hors-les-Murs in the Monnaie de Paris is as significant. Sculpture of metal and wax slowly modeled, one layer of skin-like wax at a time, the piece was subjected to, even stricken by a real storm: first lit, then straightened, the artist transformed it, offering it a second life. 

We offered her a carte blanche after her return from a residency in Palermo in 2022, for an exhibition exclusively dedicated to her works on paper. She revealed her last experimentations: drawings of wax, soot, graphite and pigments as well as a brand-new series of photograms in which she transposes concepts of her sculptural practice, between transparency effects and an undeniable organic presence.

Recently winner of “Mondes Nouveaux”, a project supported by the Ministry of Culture, she will present her second solo show at the Abbaye de Beaulieu-en-Rouergue in the summer 2023.

Her work has recently been acquired by the Collection Moët-Hennessy and the Mac Val. 

She is represented by the gallery Anne-Sarah Bénichou (Paris) where a solo exhibition will be held in April. 

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