Juliette Minchin
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Gelatin silver print, matte baryta paper
Dimensions: 16,1 x 11,8 inches 
Unique work

Gelatin silver print, matte baryta paper
16,1 x 11,8 inches
Unique work

"Fragmented breathes 

Since she started using this type of wax 3 years ago, the volume of her “matrix” has barely changed, 400 kgs. The flesh-like, skin-like material draped on architectural skeletons go back to the “void”, waiting to take shape for a new project. Except for a few exceptions, like the drapery-subjects of the photograms created for Dilecta’s exhibition. Set aside, sufficiently mysterious and grasping the accuracy of a motion infused with coincidence, those pieces remain in the workshop, privileged; rejoining the cycle of creation differently thanks to another core element of Juliette Minchin’s work: light. It passes through the draperies of more or less dense wax and imprints the photosensitive paper in order to create a troubling image, a kind of eerie veil where layers of transparency and opacity are  overlapped. A cryptic breath. Crystalizing light is another way to materialize a movement and to give shape to moments of suspended time." 

Stéphanie Pioda

Type of work
work on paper
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