Elliot Dubail

Elliot Dubail
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Éditions Dilecta present the first monograph about Elliot Dubail’s paintings.

“The subtle intricacy of Dubail’s colour palette provokes immediate emotion, his colours feel profoundly delicate and humane; his technicity is researched and flawlessly scientific. He prepares his own colours (even some pigments) with the knowledge of old masters; his markings are bold and, without doubt, rarely pre-prepared. Once an idea has struck, he works dexterously, instinctively, and organically.

The architecture and perspective is Velázquezian, pulling us in and providing the stage for a possible divine comedy, drawing first the eye, then the mind into a possible alternate reality. It takes a little time to navigate his complex spaces, demands an engagement on the part of the viewer. But once you are in, you stay.”
(Nikola Kahn)

Nombre de pages
104 p.
21.5 x 25.5 cm
bilingue français/anglais
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