Rudolf Stingel, born in 1956 in Italy, has made his medium of predilection, painting —by always trying to push and redefine its boundaries—, both the subject and the method at the center of his practice. Conceptual and self-reflective, his pictorial approach questions notions such as memory and time, authenticity and the place of the author. Confronting himself first to pictorial and classical themes such as the vanitas, he then develops multiple variations of motifs, between figuration and abstraction, from hyperrealism to monochromatic pieces: canvases made of melted metal, DIY-manuals to produce “a Stingel” (Instructions, 1989), or spaces entirely covered with carpets —thus abolishing the usual limits of the frame— are all part of his corpus. All his artworks have in common, in addition to their material differences, the random pictorial marks which appear on their surface, offering a new type of synthesis between design, decorative arts, painting and installation works.

Stingel’s works were exhibited at Beyeler Fundation (2019), Wiener Secession (2012) and Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin (2010). Some of his productions were presented at Palazzo Grassi during the exhibitions “Le monde vous appartient” (2011-12), “Mapping the Studio” (2009-11), “Sequence 1” (2007) and “Where are We Going?” (2006) and at the Bourse de Commerce for both the opening exhibition and the show “Une Seconde d’éternité” (2022).

Stingel’s works were exhibited too at Beyeler Fundation (2019), Palazzo Grassi (2013), Wiener Secession (2012), and Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin (2010).

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