Edgar Sarin was born in Marseille in 1989. He followed an engineering course; After graduating in 2013 he will begin to fully assume himself as a creator.
He is the winner of the 2016 Emerige grant and his first solo exhibitions took place in two internationally renowned galleries, the Konrad Fischer Galerie (Berlin) and the Galerie Michel Rein (Paris).

Edgar Sarin is represented by the Michel Rein gallery (Paris-Brussels).

His work testifies to the formal search for political and environmental harmony, of which man is the catalyst. Edgar Sarin was noticed for his work on the Generating Ruin and for his questioning of the exhibition space. He established, a few years ago, that it is a question of considering the spectator from the moment he stops being one; thus forming part of a Mediterranean lineage in the conception of the work of art. His work is thus developed by porosity with the environment. He defends an approach that promotes learning about the world and material - a reasoned form of the creative gesture - which he develops in a plural and precise sculptural corpus.

Link to the artist's website : http://www.edgarsarin.fr

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