Benjamin Loyauté (born in France in 1979) defines himself as a do-er, author, video maker, film director, artist and curator-script writer. For the last few years he has been working on some thoughts about contemporary ecosystems of art and design through the medium of language.

His research and his work is evolving at the boundaries of collaborative and transdisciplinary systems: Heritage and Anthropology, Art and Semantics, Design and Geography. Previously he was an artistic director and exhition curator (Grand Palais, Paris; International Biennale of Design, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts, Saint-Étienne; National Museum of China, Beijing Triennale, Beijing; Power Station of Art, Shanghai...), since then he is leading thinking on our contamporary societies, the influence of language and intangible heritage. Benjamin Loyauté spent many years experimenting with the geopolitics of art and design, the power of objects. He participated in workshops, colloquia, competitions, and international conferences (Geneva University of Art and Design; University of Tsinghua, Beijing; Unversity of Shanghai; Mudam,

University of Luxembourg; UCL, Arts and Sciences Department, London; Mori Art Museum Forum, Tokyo; Science Po, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (centre Michelet); Design Miami / Basel). Through his films and his artwork, he explores real and contemporary situations, choosing to theorise and then move to action. In 2015, his exhibition “Hypervital” was seen as seminal. From then on he has followed a practice based on a new form of artistic intervention. The premises of this were seenin 2010 with an installation dedicated to he US prisoner Herman Wallace. In 2016, his work The Astounding Eyes of Syria was chosen to represent the French pavillion in the first ever London international Biennale. It took him more than two years to create the different chapters of the project, of which the third was shown at Somerset House in September 2016: an 18 minutes film shot on the Syrian border. The film explores the importance of an intangible heritage, the strength of language and the magical status of everyday objects.

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