DANA COJBUC (born in 1979)

"First of all, I use photographs to surprise reality. I then extend it through drawing, while remaining faithful to it, to bring it into the world I have invented. Photography records my gaze and drawing offers a new experience in which my memories are woven together and revived. I photograph the elements of this nature, then sketch its infinite contours to reinvent them afterwards. A fragile anthropocene attempt to blend my inner forests with those around me."

Dana Cojbuc about her ''Yggdrasil'' series


"[the contemplative approach] is an essential aspect of my process, which is also akin to a memory exercise. Each project gives rise to in-depth iconographic research carried out on the Internet. (...) Any image I find is a gateway to the history of a personality and a historical context that I will reconstruct; it's a way of bringing the past back to life. It's very important for me to rediscover the narrative and emotional dimension of these past stories."

EVA MEDIN (born in 1988)

"We live in a world where the imaginary is being closed off. To create contemporary myths and fables is to seek to reinvent reality. (...) In the narrative forms I create, I value ambiguity and hybridity, and try to leave the spectator's interpretation and free will as open as possible.I'm a great believer in the ability of stories to enable us to reclaim our future and, above all, to imagine what might be possible. I also feel that stories help to recreate links between individuals and the world, and between individuals themselves."

Eva Medin on her work for the Institut Français 


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