Décor & installations

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Curated and edited by Françoise Ducros
Texts by Marie-Hélène Bersani, Arnauld Brejon, Edith Dauxerre, Françoise Ducros, Françoise Frontisi-Ducroux, Cécile Godefroy, Jehanne Lazaj, Marianne Massin, Bernard Schotter et Jacques Soulillou. 

"Decor & Installations" is a contemporary art exhibition, which has gathered twenty artists distributed across two exhibition sites: the Galerie of Gobelins in Paris and the National Gallery of Tapissieries in Beauvais . Thirty tapestries, contemporary lace, and carpets were created for Goblin Manufacturers, of Beauvais and of Savonnerie, where the lace workshops of Puy-en-Velay and Alençon happen to be associated with contemporary art, in the form of installations. Erotic, political, mythological, natural, and aesthetic issues all constituted the themes developed by the artists, all for the exhibition. « Décor & installations » looks to explore, to return of the products of manufacturers to their context within history, the relationship between crafts and creation. In effect, despite the upheavels in aesthetics since, during the 20th century a number of artists used the information ascertained from their heritage to create great work. The museographic bias exists at at the junction of innovation and tradition. Through this renewal of the gaze focused on the textile production of manufactures, its long history and its rapprochement with contemporary art, past, present and future circulate and come to intersect.

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