Antoni Miralda, Pinup
Antoni Miralda, Pinup
Antoni Miralda, Pinup
Antoni Miralda, Pinup
Antoni Miralda, Pinup
Antoni Miralda, Pinup
Antoni Miralda, Pinup
Antoni Miralda, Pinup

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Antoni Miralda
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Limited run of the Miralda book "El Internacional", signed and numbered by the artist.

1967 - 2017
The custom-made plexi box contains one copy of "El Internacional", a limited edition sculpture of French icone Marianne, 2 original photographs, a pink Honeymoon can, a dining menu with The Statue of Liberty. Inside the plexi drawer, at the bottom of the box, are various documents related to "El Internacional", such as other menus, etc.
Dimensions of the box : 45 x 33 x 17 cm
Edition of 40, signed and numbered by the artiste.

Artworks by chronological order:

1- One original Soldat Solde in white polystyrene, from the « Tireur debout » series (1967) (7 x 2 cm)
2- One Soldats Solde photograph, from the « Hazañas Bélicas » series (1969) (39.5 x 31 cm)
3- One original print with white soldiers on a black background, a fragment of the Sala Pelaires exhibition poster, (1973) (7 x 49 cm), cellophane-wrapped.

4- One test tube (6 x 1.5 cm) containing colored rice. Miralda-Selz Traiteurs Coloristes (1970-2017), cellophane-wrapped.
5- One original drop-down menu Coloring Cards (1972), signed and colored by the artist (closed dimensions 13 x 18 cm, open 82 x 18 cm), cellophane-wrapped.
6 and 7- Two drawings from the Food Situation for a Patriotique Banquet exhibition (project for the MoMA, unrealized), New York (1972) (15.9 x 21 cm), cellophane-wrapped.
8- One Food Situation for a Patriotic Banquet exhibition photograph, from the Arts & Foods exhibition, Milan (1972-2015) (15.9 x 11.8 cm), cellophane-wrapped.
9- One photograph of the Drapeau riz pourri, presented at Food Situation for a Patriotic Banquet, Arts & Foods exhibition, Milan (1972-2015) (15.9 x 11.8 cm).

10- Wheat & Steak project poster, Kansas City, (1981) (39.5 x 23.42 cm)
11- Shell and original image from the Santa Comida catalogue, Museo del Barrio, New York, (1984) (8.5 x 12 cm), cellophane-wrapped.
12, 13 et 14- One copy of the book El Internacional 1984-1986 New York’s Archaelogical Sandwich (33 x 24 cm), one original newspaper (1984-1986), and one original menu (1984-1986).

15- One Honeymoon canmoneybox in painted metal, original for the « Prenupcias »exhibition, Fundació Joan Miro, Barcelona (1988) ( 12 x 7 cm), with a printed drawing inside (20 x 28 cm.)
16- Original invitation for the Engagement Ceremony, « Honeymoon Project » New York. Silver print (28 x 42 cm).
17- One plastic Honeymoon card, « Honeymoon Project » (1986) (5.5 x 8.5 cm), cellophane-wrapped.
18- One Columbus Finger original print. Liberty’s wedding dress’ train imprint on paper (1991) (39.50 x 19 cm), cellophane-wrapped.

19- Original Power Food poster printed on silk paper, and folded. « Power Food, @table! » Exhibition, MIAM, Sète, (2009) (13 x 19 cm plié).
20- One original sculpture in painted clay, depicting the Marianne Caganera (2017) (28.5 x 9.5 x 12 cm)

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