Tumulte (Le monde ou rien)

Nicolas Daubanes
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Tumulte (Le monde ou rien), 2023/2024
Incandescent iron filings on glass
With a certificate of authenticity
21 x 31 1/2 in

"Nicolas Daubanes presents a drawing that becomes a multiple. He first chose the pattern of a forest in the Vercors, a place of memory inhabited by high trees with contrasted hues, a theater of violent historical scenes. This drawing was made using a technique he's familiar with: 'I start by applying a stencil made out of vinyl on a glass surface, then I sand a piece of iron using a grinding machine. The metal is welded by the burning sparks into the stencil's gaps, creating the pattern. This technique that I put together is made from tinkering mistakes. Each piece is unique.' For this project, Nicolas Daubanes prepared fifteen stencils and added on each of them a sentence taken from readings that feed his work: 'These words are like a dialogue that could have been pronounced in this forest.' A new way for him to reflect on, and divert from, the practice of multiples." Extract of the text by Anaël Pigeat

Type of work
53.5 x 80 cm
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