The Window

The Window

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Charcoal pigment inkjet print
42 x 29,7 cm
Edition of 30
Signed and numbered by the artist on the back
Printed by Atelier Stéphane Cremer


Born and raised in Sweden and of Palestinian origin, Tarik Kiswanson's sculptural and conceptual work focuses on the body, materials, and perception. In particular, the physical encounter between the viewer and the work lies at the heart of his thinking. Her interdisciplinary work encompasses sculpture, writing, performance, sound, and video. A distinctive conceptual language emerges through the dialogue between these multifaceted practices. Generally produced in brass or steel, which he polishes to the extreme to make them reflective, his works give the viewer an active role in activating and creating the pieces. His work's recurring themes are the themes of uprooting, regeneration, and renewal. A 2014 graduate of Saint-Martin School in London and Beaux-arts in Paris, he was one of the emerging figures at FIAC 2016. His exhibitions include the Collège des Bernardins in 2016, the Fondation d'entreprise Ricard in 2018, the Centre Pompidou in 2019, the Carré d'art (Nîmes, 2020), the Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art (2022) and the 16th Lyon Biennial of Contemporary Art (2022).

About his drawings:
"For many years, vision, birth, coming of age, uprooting, and renewal have been central themes in my work. I have experimented with them through sculpture, performance, video, and writing. I have recently begun to surround myself with images from the natural world. Seeds, birds, moths, and chrysalises, all symbols of migration and transformation, have become central motifs in my most recent work. Oscillating between enigmatic forms reminiscent of the natural world and those more realistic and recognizable, the drawings are a constellation of images moving between abstraction and figuration. They are part of my ongoing investigation into the body and its place in the world: its transformation, dissolution, absence, and renewal. As if moving from opacity to light, the drawings are made by accumulating layers of charcoal powder. They require a great deal of work: each thin layer of charcoal is applied and rubbed onto the paper with brushes to slowly create multiple densities of light and darkness. Some of them represent children standing at the threshold of visibility, while others appear as the blurred, powdery outlines of ovoid spheres or oblong tubes. These world-organisms and body-vessels escape the usual coordinates of representation. They show up but seem elusive".

Tarik Kiswanson

Type of work
work on paper

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