Drapé en mouvement 3
Drapé en mouvement 3
Drapé en mouvement 3
Drapé en mouvement 3

Drapé en mouvement 3

Mathilde Lestiboudois
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Oil on canvas
33 × 41 cm
Signature on the back


Mathilde Lestiboudois composes refined and minimal architectures of which one cannot say if they are being built or if they are fading away. A few arcades or sections of wall draw a frame for objects that are most often draped. In the center of the purified scenes, three shrouded armchairs with only one or two legs visible, a wooden chair, a fountain with a basin filled with transparent water, and curtains quivering in a light breeze, all appear alternately. These few elements from the domestic furniture, both hidden and revealed, suggest a presence as much as they designate an absence. If no human figure intervenes in these mute settings, these few artifacts, by their functional essence, undeniably preserve the trace of it. The folds of the fabrics, the movement which, sometimes, rushes in, the water, potential reservoir of memory and subject to the undulatory vibrations of its surface, reinforce the feeling that an action could at any moment break the illusory peacefulness of the places.

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