Dimitri Mallet is a visual artist, graduate of the ENSBA in Lyon and the School of Architecture in Montpellier. He was born in 1983. His research is focused on the boundaries between the various physical aspects of cognition and those of social construction. Often referring to the historical heritage of art, he initiates a continuous mental dialogue with his viewer, where the artist is the one who highlights the paradoxes, reverses the syntax of common perception and self-knowledge as part of the global. He had numerous exhibitions, notably in Esch (Luxembourg), Brussels (CAB Foundation, Adaventura), Ivry-sur-Seine (Ateliers Babiole), Aix-en-Provence (Gallifet Art Center), Marseille (Espace Jouenne & Maison Montgrand), Paris (Plateforme, Espace Mansart, Arrondit, Galerie Papillon, Monnaie de Paris, la maison rouge, Collège des Bernardins), Lille (Palais des Beaux-Arts), Vitry-sur-Seine (MAC VAL), Villeurbanne (Institut d'art contemporain), Grenoble (Le Magasin), Bordeaux (Jardin botanique), at the Salon de Monrouge, at the Saint-Étienne Design Biennial...

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