Born on April 30th, 1964 in Paris, France; Lives and works in Marrakech. Graduated in 1992 from the Ecole National Supérieure des Beaux-arts, Paris, France.

During the 1990's, Jean-François Fourtou started to get famous for his singular animals' sculptures and his unusual installations and architectures such as La Maison de Géant or La Maison à l'Envers. Since the late 2010's, the Nanitos (and now, Minitos and Maxitos) added up to his magical and memorial world revolving around childhood.

Jean-François Fourtou had exhibitions in private and institutional places such as the MAMO in Marseille in 2014 or Hermès Shanghai in 2019 (Le Monde Enchanté avec les Nanitos, The Enchanted World with the Nanitos) and his work was recently presented in collective exhibitions at the CAC of Meymac (Figures de l’Animal, Animal figures, 2019) the Villa Datris (Bêtes de Scène, Show Beasts, 2019) among others.

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