Thomas Lanfranchi was born in 1964 in Marseille. He lives and works in Bordeaux and Paris.
After studying at the Marseille Art School, he followed in 1991 a post-diploma directed by Joseph Kosuth at the Düsseldorf Kunst Akademie in Germany.
From 1988, he made drawings on postal envelopes. He divides them into six families, entitled "The Voice", "The Heart", "The Eye", "The Hearing", "The Skin", "The Echo". Enhanced in blood red and azure blue ink, they refer to the organs linked to the taking of information from the outside world (eyes, ears ...), from the outside, to forms of human and animal communication.
Thomas Lanfranchi's drawings, as well as the large volumes in plastic film that he constructs and flies in the sky, called Forms, are experienced as possible extensions of his natural potentialities, their extension both physically and mentally.

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