Jagna Ciuchta was born in 1977 in Poland. She lives and works in Paris. She studied in the Academy of Arts, in Poznan. In the past few years, she has presented présenté “Eat the Blue” at 116 in Montreuil, France (2013), “La Simulation” at Treize in Paris (2012), “Stratégies des Espaces” at BBB centre d’Art in Toulouse, France (2012), “Water Walk” à la maison des arts Georges Pompidou de Carjac (2010). From January to March 2013, she stayed at Residency Unlimited in New York, where she started to work on her project “Missing Alina”, in echo of the exhibition “Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone, 1955–1972” (MoMA, 2012).

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