Le jour après la pluie (Jour 6)

Eva Medin
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Aqua ink, pencil, featherboard, felt, resin, latex, foundry wax, cinefoil
82 × 62 cm
Unique work
Authenticity certificate signed by the artist

"We live in a world where the imaginary is being closed off. To create contemporary myths and fables is to seek to reinvent reality. (...) In the narrative forms I propose, I value ambiguity and hybridization and seek to leave the spectator's interpretation and free will as open as possible.

I'm a true believer in the power of storytelling to help us reclaim our future and, above all, to imagine what might be possible. I also feel that narratives enable us to recreate links between individuals and the world and between individuals themselves. "

Eva Medin on her work for the Institut Français

Type of work
work on paper
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