Dora Maar, secrets d'atelier

Dora Maar
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Catalogue published for the exhibition at the Maison Dora Maar in Ménerbes.

Texts by Patrice Allain, Brigitte Benkemoun, Gwen Strauss, Ambroise Audoin-Rouzeau. Interview wih Brigitte Benkemoun and ORLAN.

Through the study and commentary of a large, previously unpublished corpus of the artist's drawings, notebooks, handwritten notes and poems, this catalog will shed new light on a little-studied, even obscured, period of Dora Maar's work, from 1936 to 1943, during which the artist shared her life with Picasso. A collection of handwritten notes, including transcriptions of conversations with Picasso, will also shed light on the nature of the relationship between the two artists and the way in which Dora Maar pursued her artistic work after their break-up. The celebration of the jubilee of Picasso's death in 2023 represents a real opportunity to take the counterpoint to the events and publications being launched this year, by continuing the rehabilitation of Dora Maar's graphic work initiated some years ago, following the major exhibitions held at the Centre Pompidou and the Tate, notably highlighting the place of her work in the Surrealist movement.

Patrice Allain is a lecturer in French language and literature (20th century) at the University of Nantes, specializing in Surrealism and the 20th-century avant-garde, experimental cinema, video art, photography and new images.

Brigitte Benkemoun is a French journalist and writer. Her books include Je suis le carnet de Dora Maar (May 2019), and Sa vie pour Picasso (2022), which looks back at the life of Marie-Thérèse Walter, Picasso's other companion.

ORLAN is a French transmedia artist who examines the status of the body and the political, religious, social and traditional pressures it is subject to. Her work denounces the violence inflicted on bodies, particularly women's bodies, and is thus committed to a feminist struggle. In 2022, she was invited to curate the exhibition "Les Femmes qui pleurent sont en colère" at the Musée Picasso, in which she presented two series of photos based on a series of paintings and drawings by Picasso dating from the late 1930s.

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