As a passionate collector who works closely with artists, could you explain what collecting means to you?

Collecting is an intimate gesture. The works I gather resonate with my personality; my choices are linked to emotion, and the works echo my history. I don't display them for everyone to see. I still keep them in mind, even if they are in private or stored rooms. For me, collecting is also about sharing, but it's not about showing off. I share my collection with certain people who are dear to me.

A Story of Art © Courtesy Dilecta / photo: Nicolas Brasseur
The Inner Island © Courtesy Dilecta / photo: Nicolas Brasseur. 

CulturFoundry, the philanthropic association you founded in 2020 to support contemporary art, is currently organising your fourth exhibition entitled L'image en creux, curated by Étienne Hatt. What does this commitment mean to you, and what are the missions of CulturFoundry?

I set up CulturFoundry during the lockdown in 2020 following a harsh observation. As an employee of a bank, I was still paid while I had more time on my hands. This was not the situation for artists who, with the closure of exhibition spaces —museums, galleries, art centers, fairs — no longer had the opportunity to work and make a living from their art. I decided to dedicate my time to supporting contemporary creation by staging my first exhibition, L'écho du silence, in September 2020. I set out to find collector friends to help me fund this project (production, transport, communication, venue, etc.). With almost all sales of the works going back to the artists — and the artists agreeing to donate 4% of sales to the association for future projects — I needed a suitable legal structure, and that's how the CulturFoundry association emerged. Today, we have around fifty collectors-members and we are holding our fourth exhibition entitled L'image en creux — currently on show until 21 December at 100esc — curated by Étienne Hatt. Through our commitment, we aim to support and promote contemporary art more widely and beyond what we collect. By producing these exhibitions, we allow unrepresented artists to find their audience and their galleries, and for the represented ones, the chance to pursue new projects and to be seen beyond the highlights dedicated to them in their galleries. We also want to promote the work of curators by entrusting them with the scientific direction of our exhibitions.

Dana Cojbuc, Yggdrasil #25, 2023. © Dana Cojbuc, Courtesy Dilecta
Tarik Kiswanson, The Window, 2023. © Tarik Kiswanson, Courtesy Dilecta / photo: Nicolas Brasseur.

In your opinion, why should you offer art?

To give art is to offer a part of yourself. The commitment you make when you choose an art book or a work of art is more intimate than when you choose an everyday object. It is a precious act based on sharing. It is the most beautiful declaration of love or friendship.

View of the exhibition "L'image en Creux", on view until December 21st 2023, at 100 rue de Charenton, Paris 12th.
© Courtesy CulturFoundry

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