1/ With Bail Art Leasing you offer business owners and independent workers financial solutions to help them acquire works of art and build up their collections. Can you tell us a little about art leasing and its benefits?
Since 2009, Bail Art has been providing galleries with an art leasing service for collectors who want to bring art into their businesses. This is an optimized form of funding for the acquisitions of artworks that creates a tax-deductible expense for the company and allows a purchase option to be exercised for a "residual" value while spreading the payment over several months or years. As a result, we offer a genuine tool that galleries can use freely to boost their sales and preserve their cash flow.

Mathilde Lestiboudois, Drapé en mouvement 52023Huile sur toile© Courtesy Dilecta / photo : Nicolas Brasseur.
Mircea Cantor, 
Villa Medici n°142021Encre de Chine sur papier kraft © Courtesy Dilecta / photo : Nicolas Brasseur.

2/ What are the virtues of art in the workplace?

Sometimes, the introduction of art into the workplace is the result of a desire on the part of an art-loving or art-collecting manager to share his passion with employees and bring it to the company. In other situations, the presence of art in the workplace may be driven by material considerations, such as the need to fit out and decorate the office space or financial incentives. This "functionality" is quickly overtaken by the dynamic created by art, which offers additional benefits of a different, and ultimately equally tangible, order: encouraging internal dialogue, developing creativity, enriching the company's culture, retaining young talent, acting in terms of image or even using art as a vehicle for CSR commitments, for example. I like to quote the words of artist Samuel Yal, whose universal appeal can be applied concretely in the corporate world: "Whatever the question, art can become the answer."

Vingt-cinq Poèmes [tiré à part], Tristan Tzara © Courtesy Dilecta / photo : Nicolas Brasseur
Dora Maar, secrets d'atelier © Courtesy Dilecta / photo : Nicolas Brasseur

3/ In your opinion, why give art as a gift? 

Giving art transcends the simple act of giving. As soon as it leaves the studio, the work has a life of its own. Whether it is first presented in a gallery, exhibited by an institution, or goes directly into a public or private collection, it is an object that forms part of both a particular heritage and, more broadly, the universal heritage that every work of art enriches in one way or another. In addition to the aesthetic pleasure that art provides, the act of offering a work of art is fully characterized by the dimension of transmission: the person who offers it passes on a unique or original creation, and the recipient becomes a mediator who will in his turn hand it on, after having been its fortunate custodian for a time.

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