Julien Nédélec - Ether, 2016

Julien Nédélec
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Sculpture in copper plaque 

Copper plaque 
13 x 10 cm
Canvas casing handmade by Julie Delbecq
Edition of 28 + 2 AP

Ether represents two forms in one. 
1 + 1 = 3
Reassembled, the two formes of Ether represent the sign of the "empty set".
An empty set has no content.
But it is a set, even though it is empty. 
The separate formes of Ether gives 0 and 1. 
In binary code, the zero is false, and the 1 is true. 
So Ether is true and false. 
The information of the ones and zeros allows for writing all codes, all languages. 
The zero and one are infinite. 
So Ether is infinite. 
The ether is, according to the definition in the dictionary of History and Philosophy of Sciences, composed of "subtle subtances distinct from the matter, making it possible to provide or transmit effects between bodies".
Ether is a multiple.
Ether is many. 
Ether is singular. 
Ether is a sculpture.

Julien Nédélec manipulates the signs and the question of representation by juggling language, images, and sound in a game of transposing the medium within itself. So, the artist built proper rules, often empires, and played with the limited pre-existance. His work, poetic and well-known, can take the form of sculptures, literary editions, installations or more drawings. 
Julien Nédélec lives and works in Nantes. In Paris, he is represented by the galeries Praz-Delavallade. 

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