Drapé en mouvement 4

Mathilde Lestiboudois
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Oil on canvas
54 × 41 cm
Signature on the back 

Mathilde Lestiboudois' drawings in oil on paper or in oil on tracing paper constitute a body of work that is independent of, but parallel to, her painting practice. Working in much tighter formats - the paintings are rarely smaller than 100 × 140 cm, while the drawings are no larger than 20 × 30 cm - she reflects on the composition in a different way: although the execution is faster, the attention to the subject is more precise, more meticulous. The objects chosen (column, staircase, ladder, drapery) are drawn in series, almost obsessively. Although the same object is represented several times, it is placed in a unique atmosphere. Its representation is therefore no less singular and marked by the passage of time. Mathilde Lestiboudois thus pushes the plastic research of the subject to its paroxysm, giving it an extra soul.

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