Audrey  Matt-Aubert,  born  in  1990  in  Blanc-Mesnil  (France),  graduated  in  2015  from  the  École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris. She lives and works in Paris. Painting and drawing allow her to introduce a phantasmagoric dimension to the landscapes she represents. Her works remain characterized equally by surrealism and architectural, sculptural features taken from both 15th century Italian painting and 18th century encyclopedic engravings. She imposes to these motifs a diversion, extracts and revisits them in order to insert them into ethereal and anachronistic sceneries: deserts, lunar gardens or cloudy skies.

Audrey Matt-Aubert is represented in France by the galerie Isabelle Gounod et is part of the artist runspace Le Houloc.

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