des Monstiers

Julien des Monstiers, born in 1983 in Limoges (France), lives and works between la Faye-la-Vineuse and Paris (France). He experiments with the limitations of painting, searching for deepness, surfaces, consistencies, folds and fractures. How does one translate the thickness of a carpet, the detail of an inlay or create the illusion of a wall? Julien des Monstiers first applies a background, then paints his outline on a plaque he uses in order to transfer the drawing on a canvas. He later adds paint, scratches, digs to obtain an entanglement of images and textures —a multitude of experiments which explain the diversity in his work of sizes and subjects, and the alternating between abstraction, figuration and the evocative. In this regard, his work lies within the scope of a tautological approach of the pictorial medium. 

Julien des Montiers is represented in Paris by the galerie Christophe Gaillard. 

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